Bolt action, Barrel Core, Contoured Blank, and AR barrels

Columbia River Arms has established a prestigious and unprecedented benchmark for excellence in barrel manufacturing with our proprietary rifling and stainless steel. Caudle 3-land polygonal rifling consists of a series of arcs, which is held in very high regard for its accuracy, increased velocity, reduced gas cutting, and ease of cleaning.  We only use a tightly controlled blend of fully-vetted and certified, F-Bar rated, BOSS 416R steel, recognized as the finest ordnance steel available.


Columbia River Arms

Written by Rob Olive
Senior Staff Writer, American Patriots Unsung Magazine
Issue 06, Page 27

There are certain individuals who ignore the generally accepted norms and forge their own path. Some of them dare to be different because of stubbornness or pride, but others do so because they’re convinced there’s a better way. Carl Caudle, founder of Columbia River Arms, falls into the latter group.

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