We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Ensure barrel is clean – no oil
  2. Shoot 5 rounds of copper-jacketed bullets through the barrel
  3. Run a few patches with (non-copper removing) standard gun cleaning solvent through the barrel and patch dry
  4. Shoot 5 more rounds
  5. Continue this cycle (Steps 3&4) at least 3 more times (for a total of 20 rounds), with an optimal total of ten cycles (50 rounds)
  6. Store barrel with a light coat of oil. Patch oil prior to shooting.
Columbia River Arms offers a 10% discount to active-duty, retired and former military and law enforcement personnel.

Please send an email to sales@columbiariverarms.com (with “Military” or “Law Enforcement” as the subject line) to be issued a coupon code for the discount. Your code will not expire, is not transferable, and cannot be combined with other offers.

Les Baer Custom designed the .264 LBC cartridge to be completely compatible with the 6.5 Grendel, and our head space gauges are marked with both cartridges.

The LBC has a .295 diameter neck, while the Grendel has a .300 neck.

The LBC has a straight taper in the throat, while the Grendel has a compound taper in the throat.

The LBC uses 7.62×39 AR bolds with .125 head spacing, which is the standard head spacing for all AR rifles and most modern bolt actions, while the original Grendel used a Grendel bolt with .135 head spacing.

We originally made rifles with the standard head spacing (.125”) which we called type 1 and a second head spacing (.135”) only for the original Grendel which we called type II. Given the demand for standardization and lack of sales the type II head spacing has been dropped for 2017.

You will need a .458 bolt, but both cartridges, by design, only require standard AR15 buffers, buffer tubes and springs.
Every effort is made to make sure that no burr occurs, but one is occasionally still attached to the underside of the gas port hole. In the event that a burr in the bore is seen, it can be easily removed from the bore with a cleaning rod and patch, or with your first shot.
We do not ship our products outside of the United States.
We do not make replacement barrels for the Smith & Wesson M&P 10, or for Armalite. In the past, Columbia River Arms has manufactured many kinds of custom replacement barrels for our customers, however, it has proven not to be cost effective to produce them at this time.
Columbia River Arms offers a Cerakote finish with currently 8 different colors to choose from. We also offer a Satin finish that is a light bead blasting just enough to dull up the machine finish to give it a matte look.
Due to the countless manufacturers of rifle bolts and gauges, it is extremely difficult to make all barrels’ headspace uniformly with all gun bolts and actions. BHW/CRA uses go and no go gauges supplied by Pacific Tool and Gauge that are set to the industry standard. We also employ gauge standards for AR 15 and AR 308 bolts as measured from the base of the locking lugs (locking surface) to the bolt face. We have jig fixtures to measure bolts, gauges and use a solid one piece gauge that eliminates the need for the use of AR bolts during the manufacturing process.

We cannot alter our product to match your personal bolt. If we were to alter our product beyond our standards for your bolt. And the barrel bolt combination were ever to become separated for any reason. We would have an issue of having a barrel on the market that does not meet accepted factory standards.

Please do not send us your bolt. We do not manufacture bolts nor are we able control the manufacturing processes of other vendors. Your barrel is one of the primary components of your rifle. Given the number of high quality manufacturers of bolts, seamless integration is generally the rule with our product.
Your personal bolt may be required to manufacture specific non-standard “wildcat” chamberings. CRA cannot guarantee the performance or safety of your personal bolt after manufacturing is complete and your barrel is delivered. Additional shipping fees may apply.
BHW barrels are crafted to-order and involve many hand operations. Barrels are manufactured in batches of like kinds to speed the production times. Often given the volume of barrels in production at any given time your individual barrel will be moving through the system along with the other barrels. Sometimes it takes more time than projected to get through the system.

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Pencil Slim, Light, C5, Standard, National Match Semi-Bull Bull
.625″ .750″ .875″ .936″

Our gas block lengths: 1.062″ (except for M4: 1.710″ for use with A2 Front Sight Post)

Our line of Production barrels, which were our non-configurable, entry-level barrel line, has been discontinued as of May 10, 2017. Current orders in process will, of course, be completed and shipped, but no new orders will be accepted as of this date. We apologize for any inconvenience.
In the state of Maryland, the following profiles from Columbia River Arms and Black Hole Weaponry are classified as heavy barrels: Standard, SPR, National Match, Semibull, and Bull. The M4 profile does NOT meet the requirements for the heavy barrel designation. *Information received from State of Maryland Licensing Division, Firearms Department, Sgt. Pickle, on November 6, 2017.