Columbia River Arms Order Inquiry Portal

Quality takes time, and Columbia River Arms will never expedite production at the expense of perfection. All custom configured barrels, regardless of options, undergo a multitude of hand-crafted processes and rigorous quality assurance inspections throughout the manufacturing process, before shipping out to satisfied customers, resulting in a wide and varied range of production times.

In an effort to focus our energy on getting your barrels to you as quickly as possible, we have streamlined our production inquiry process. To receive an update on your order, please fill out this Order Inquiry Form and submit your inquiry.

All inquiries will be batched and answered on the first business day of the following week, so please allow sufficient time for a response.

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Production Time Estimates – Black Hole Weaponry Barrels

Barrels with little to no customization (i.e. fluting, finish, etc.), and of most common calibers and profiles currently have a 2-3 month average production time.

Configured barrels with various customizations (i.e. fluting, finish, etc.), and those of less common calibers currently have a 3-4 month production time.

Production Time Estimates – Production Barrels

Production Barrels are offered without customization or specialty finish, and currently have a 6 week production time.