Rifiling Manufacturing Process


A mixture of the traditional barrel making with a blend of the new. We utilize the absolute state of the art machining equipment and practices in the production of your barrel. Only the best barrel makers use these processes.

We start with solid stainless steel (BOSS 416R) bar stock imported from Germany. Double stress relieved, Polymer quenched, ingot cast, low delta ferrite, DFARS complaint and absolute temperature Controlled material.

In Preparation the bar is trued, squared and inspected for uniformity.

Drilling is accomplished with WWII Pratt and Whitney drills and state of the art computer controlled drills utilizing cutting fluids individually blended for us. The bars are inspected for hole straightness and size before heading onto further processing.

Precision reamed on machines of our own design and construction, we hold to a tolerance of .0002”.

After reaming we employ a few other process to ensure a the most accurate barrel possible.

Rifling is accomplished on computer controlled machines where we can control any given twist rate and rifling form. We use our Polygonal Caudle in P3 or P5 rifling known for its accuracy. Once rifled, we subject the barrels to a number of processes to ensure the stability and accuracy we are known for.

Optional – hand lapping on our precision bolt action series barrels

Each and every barrel is chambered on CNC equipment and hand finished to ensure proper head spacing and fit.

Profiling/ contouring is done on  Eurotech B1250, Haas and Fyer machines, with live tooling and sophisticated supports and follower rests to ensure dimensional accuracy. We can hold to an accuracy of +/- .0002” for the Aero Space and defense industries.

Our barrel cores are made to the same exacting standards as our regular barrels and machined to meet our customers’ requirements.

Caudle polygon rifling is featured in all our barrels. Known for accuracy, increased velocity, less bullet deformative, case of , it offers the greatest range of bullet weights and lengths in any given caliber per the twist weight.

P3 Precision

  • Long held as the most accurate
  • Provides the largest surface area to support the bullet
  • Least bullet deformation possible
  • Time proven performance
  • Additional manufacturing processes used to ensure the high grade barrel possible

P5 Match

  • 5 land and groove poly form was our original form
  • Many quality barrel manufacturers made a “5” land and groove barrel, making it a trusted rifling style
  • Having all the attributes of our poly rifling